APARC Classes at the Collège des Bourgognes
“Club Anglophone”

Secondary classes are integrated into the timetable of the Collège Des Bourgognes in Chantilly. The pupils have 4 hours per week of Anglophone classes and access to a comprehensive English library. 

Within the Anglophone Section pupils continue to develop their reading, writing, self-expression and grammar skills. In addition to this, pupils are given an introduction to the geography and history of the English-speaking world.

In 4ème and 3ème, the content of the lessons changes slightly as they no longer have Social Sciences, but instead have two hours of Literature per week. In 3ème, the students begin the two-year curriculum that leads to the IGCSE in literature and language.

The APARC programme at the Collège des Bourgognes is based on the English Schools Curriculum where children are encouraged to convey their ideas confidently using standard English. They learn to develop their ideas and vocabulary and build on their knowledge.  This enables them to clarify their thinking as well as organise their ideas for writing.

As part of the curriculum the pupils are asked to give short speeches and presentations, and to participate in formal debates and structured discussions.  The curriculum also includes improvising, rehearsing and performing play scripts and poetry in order to generate language and discuss language use and meaning.

Library sessions and book reports promote wider reading and hopefully will lead to an appreciation and love of reading in English.  During the year, we study a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, including in particular whole books, short stories, poems and plays with a wide coverage of genres, historical periods, forms and authors.

From September 2022, the Collège des Bourgognes has opened a British International Section which is taught by Education Nationale teachers. This replaced the “Club Anglophone” run by APARC for 6ème and 5ème. Applications should be made directly to the collège. The “club anglophone” will continue to run for 4ème and 3ème.

Sept 2023: International Section for 4ème, APARC “club anglophone” for 3ème
Sept 2024: International Section for 3ème. First session of Diplôme National du Brevet, Option Internationale in June 2025. 

Requirements to join Classes

  • The family must be a member of APARC.
  • Secondary school students must either live in the catchment area for Collège des Bourgognes, or ask for a ‘dérogation’ (dispensation).
  • Pupils are expected to be good enough in English to participate actively at the appropriate class level in all areas of the curriculum. In order for their proficiency to be maintained, it is essential that English be spoken at home on a regular basis.

English Teachers

Lorna Morin and Kathryn Taylor

Collège Location

APARC is integrated into the Collège des Bourgognes in Chantilly, found just to the north of Chantilly town center.

Collège Annual Fees