English Classes for English-Speaking Children in Chantilly

The aims of the Association


APARC’s primary function is to organise classes in English, with the goal of helping children to achieve or maintain a level of English as near as possible to that of their peers in English-speaking countries. Two and a half hours of English are held on Wednesday afternoons in Kindergarten and Primary classes (ages 4 to 11), and at age 11, APARC children can enter the state secondary school in Chantilly, where four hours of English are integrated into the timetable specially for them. The APARC education continues into the Lycee with the students entering the International Section at the Lycee Jean Rostand. Here, they have the possibility of taking the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in English language and literature at the end of 2nde. In 1ère and Terminale they begin to prepare for the Option International Baccalaureat (OIB) which forms part of the General Baccalaureat – and is of an equivalent level to the British A-level. APARC is a recognized exam centre for the IGCSE.

Organisation of the Association


APARC is run by a committee including a president, a treasurer and an administrative team who work on a 100% voluntary basis. Working within the committee there are three school co-ordinators: one for Primary/Kindergarten, one for Collège and one for Lycée. The role of the co-ordinators is to liaise between the parents and the teaching staff, and between the parents and the committee.

History of APARC


The Anglophone Parents’ Association in the Region of Chantilly (APARC) was founded in 1982 to bring together families in the Chantilly area who speak English as a mother tongue or as a cultural language. Its main objective was to set up special English language sections for English-speaking children in the schools in Chantilly, with a view to enabling the children of members to achieve a standard of English as near as possible to that of children in English-speaking countries.

For more than a hundred years, the Chantilly region has been home to a high concentration of English-speaking families living temporarily or permanently in France. In 1982, APARC was founded to bring these families together and provide for the special educational needs of their children. Today, APARC members – over 150 families – come from all parts of the globe, Great Britain and the United States being the most strongly represented.

Brocante de Livres APARC 2018

Brocante de Livres 6/10/2018

Come to APARC's stand between 9am and 5pm to buy from a large selection of second hand books IN ENGLISH 🙂   [googlemaps...
Annual General Meeting APARC 2018

AGM 4/10/2018

Teachers and committee members will be there to welcome you from 8pm for a drink! Les professeurs et les membres du comité d'administration vous accueilleront à partir de 20h00 pour partager un verre avant la réunion. The AGM is your chance to: See examples of your...
Aparc afternoon tea 2018

Afternoon Tea

Sunday 16th September between 3.30 and 5.30pm, come and get to know the APARC community or reconnect with old friends over afternoon tea and cakes. Dimanche 16 septembre entre 15h30 et 17h30, venez rencontrer d'autres membres de l'APARC autour d'un goûter convivial et...
APARC Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to school!

Aparc's classes will start on 5th September 2018 for all Wednesday classes. Gates on rue d'Alençon will open at 13:15. Teachers are looking forward to meeting their pupils, and committee members will be at the gate to welcome new families! The full year calendar is...
APARC School Open Day Portes Ouvertes

Open Day / Portes Ouvertes

Want to know more about our school? Come and visit us on Wednesday 6th June between 2pm and 4pm! You'll get to meet teachers, parents and students, learn about our different curriculums (for bilingual children / for francophones learning English as a foreign...

A fantastic Family Fun Day!

At APARC it's not only about learning to read and write in English. When we were first set up as an association in 1982 by a small group of parents, one of their guiding principles was also to create a network and community for native English-speaking families in the...
Anglophone Parents' Association in the Region of Chantilly: Kindergarten class registration now open for September 2018

Registration now open

For Kindergarten September 2018. Classes from 1.30 to 4pm on Wednesday afternoons in Chantilly, focusing on pre-reading and oral skills for English speaking children, born in 2013 and 2014 (Moyenne Section and Grande Section). For more information, please contact...
Halle des Bourgognes, Chantilly 3pm - 5:30pm Fun for the whole family organised by APARC Free!

Family Fun Day

Sunday 8th April 2018. Halle des Bourgognes in Chantilly. Come and join us for an afternoon of fun and games for the whole family! Free! Organised by APARC...

Curry Quiz 2018

Fun filled traditional curry quiz night Saturday March 17 at 8 pm at St Peter's Church Centre in Chantilly. 3 course meal: 20€ per person + cash bar RSVP to events@aparcschool.org by Wednesday February 21 Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary...

Heavy snow in Chantilly area

Wednesday 7th February 2018 - Please note there will be no Aparc classes this afternoon.  


APARC classes were not only a great opportunity to study English/U.S. language & literature but also a fantastic intercultural experience.  Although I went on studying in France I was always eager to evolve in an international and English speaking environment. I started out as evaluation engineer for Toyota at their European HQ in Brussels and after a while moved to the travel industry which took me to Brazil where I am now.

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Benjamin Delaunay

Thanks to APARC, I was able to attend College in the US, where I graduated summa cum laude in business and international affairs. I then started my career in advertising in NYC, working on international clients such as Gillette, Martini/Bacardi, & Vespa. When I turned 30, I decided I had lived up to the NYC ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy and it was time to move back to France to look for a new rhythm…and love! Luckily I continued to work on global clients from L’Oréal to Luxottica as juggling multi-cultural challenges is what I like best. And I did find love. 🙂

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Fanny Delaunay

APARC allowed me to have a leg up when it came to applying for colleges and ultimately getting accepted in one. I graduated with a marketing degree and went immediately into the sales world. I started with inside sales and transitioned to an outside sales life working for Collette Travel, selling tours around the world. After a tiring lifestyle, I moved on to Staples, Inc. working with small businesses. I’m now 29, married, homeowner and recently a marathon finisher ;). Life is going pretty great if you ask me!

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Jonathan Delaunay

Lived and worked in Germany for two years after obtaining a degree in business studies.  Now living in Ireland, for the last eight years and working for Apple European Headquarters as an EMEIA Sales Team Manager.  I remember moaning for so many years about having extra school hours compared to my non APARC friends but then realising that first day of Uni that the only reason I was there was thanks to all those years of projects and essay writing with Mrs Henriot. I will be forever grateful to my parents and Mrs Henriot for all their encouragement and support. We are now planning to give our two children Amélie and Alexandre that same opportunity but in reverse so that they can keep up their French.

Kristin Tessyman (née Ross) Class of 1997

Currently living and working in Paris after spending some time in San Francisco.  Lead Software Engineer of a small startup company – Feeligo.  I have many fond memories of APARC, even though I was only able to attend the primary classes.  Learning to read and write in English has proved invaluable.

Daniel Ross – (1991 – 1997)

I studied biomechanical engineering in France, Italy and Germany – Erasmus is wonderful! I then worked for five years as an international product manager in the medical industry.  I now live in Göteborg, Sweden and am currently a stay at home mother of three small children (5, 3 and 1).  My memories of APARC are all linked to being challenged to think outside the box, voice my opinion, working hard and laughing a lot!

Emilie Clauet (née Ross) Class of 1998

After the baccalauréat, I studied in England, France and the United States of America. I am now admitted to the Paris and New York Bars and work on cross-boarder disputes as a lawyer in Paris. I am eternally grateful for the education I received in the APARC classes. Had it not been for the teachers’ commitment, I would never have had the opportunity to study, travel and work in a completely bilingual environment.

Benjamin Ross – Class of 2005

Nicholas Coulton – 1983-1995
Senior Project Manager for the Arcadis Group in SE France. Living in Cannes and married with a daughter, Sienna, almost 4yrs old.
APARC memory: Friendships formed by being together throughout our schooling. I was with Paola Allais from the age of 3yrs.
Alexander Coulton – 1985-1996
Working in Sustainable Energy as a Policy and Strategy Manager for the Low Carbon Contract Company in London.
APARC memory: Mrs Henriot, who was a very good and inspiring teacher.
Anthony Coulton – 1986-1997
Head of Finance at Travel Security Services in London.
Lives in Lewersham with his partner Anna Cottray (ex APARC) and their two children, Hector aged 3yrs and Teilo 1yr.

Coulton Family

Alex Souter – APARC pupil from 1986 until 1998.

Went on to study at St Andrews University and Edinburgh University.

Now living in Dehli, India and founding co-partner of an e-commerce company.


Crofton Souter – APARC pupil from 1988 until 1993. Studied at SOAS.

Now running his own project development business in Chantilly.


Robert Souter – APARC pupil from 1991 until 1997.

Studied at School of Hotel Management, Crans Montana, Switzerland.

Now F&B manager at the Four Seasons hotel in Bahrain.

Souter Family