Wednesday Afternoon College Classes

The Wednesday Afternoon College classes offer 2 hours of collège level Anglophone English for children not attending the Collège des Bourgognes in Chantilly.


The classes use a course of books designed using a theme-based approach to reading, writing, speaking and listening. Reasoning and critical thinking are emphasized through themany ethical and moral issues raised. Passages from literature in English, writing for specific purposes and writing exercises in different genres all form an important part of the course.


The activities are student-centered and designed to build knowledge and confidence as well as capture interest.

In these respects, the Wednesday Afternoon College classes offer the same language programme as that offered to pupils studying with APARC at Collège des Bourgognes. It should be noted, however, that the intensity of the programme is very different. Where, at Collège des Bourgognes, pupils have four hours of English per week, covering language, literature and the social sciences, the Wednesday Afternoon College classes last for 2 hours and comprise of 1 hour of language and 1 hour of literature per week. This would still enable motivated pupils, however, to apply to sit the IGCSE Language paper, like the pupils who have studied at Collège des Bourgognes. The IGCSE Literature paper would be more difficult as the set books are studied as part of the 4 hours at Collège des Bourgognes and the Wednesday Afternoon College classes do not have enough time.


For students interested in applying to study for the OIB in the British International Section at Lycée Jean Rostand in Chantilly, the Wednesday Afternoon College classes, whilst they do not offer any guarantees, do offer an opportunity to prepare appropriately for the entrance test.


There are currently two school levels in each class. Homework forms an important part of the course as it allows pupils to consolidate work done in class, appropriate new skills andextend the learning process.


Classes are currently held in l’Ecole du Bois St Denis, Chantilly on Wednesday afternoons in term time from 1.45 to 4pm.
From September 2022, they will be held in l’Ecole Paul Cézanne 1 Avenue du Bouteiller in Chantilly.


Wednesday Afternoon College Classes Fees

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