Meet the Team

Our Teachers

APARC students are taught by a paid teaching staff of 14 professional educators and assistants. The teachers are all native English speakers, and have teaching experience from the UK or USA.
Head Teacher, Marianne Congreve, and the Deputy Head Teacher manage 8 other class teachers, a librarian and 3 teaching assistants.

Marianne has been Head Teacher at APARC since 2015.  She started her journey with APARC 12 years ago by volunteering on the committee as Social Events coordinator and still takes an active part in the association’s social activities today.    Marianne is passionate about leading the school and challenging the children to be the best they can be. She has a great team of teachers and takes pride in our fantastic school community and is grateful to the volunteer parents who give great support to all her projects.

Teaching all levels at the College des Bourgognes and Wednesday Afternoon College Classes

Marianne grew up in the UK in a bilingual English/Spanish home and is now the proud mum of 3 bilingual children herself.  When she is not at school, she enjoys travelling, yoga, zumba and spending time with family and friends.

Teaching Staff

Lorna MORIN – Deputy Head Teacher, CM2 and all levels at the College des Bourgognes
Lee ENDACOTT – Kindergarten Teacher – (Maternelle Moyenne Section and Grande Section)
Sharon AUFRECHTER – CP Teacher
Amanda HOMER – CE1 Teacher
Lynda SALMON – CE2 Teacher
Henny DAVIES – CM1 Teacher
Kathryn TAYLOR – Wednesday Afternoon College Classes Teacher
Simone Van STEEN – English Extra Teacher CM1/CM2 and 4e/3e
Anna FOREMAN – English Extra Teacher CE1/CE2 and 6e/5e
Sharon HIRSCH – Librarian
Assistants: Sumaira SHEIKH, Amanda EVANS, Helen SHARPLES

The Committee

The association is run by a Committee, which meets monthly. Committee members are parents of current students, or drawn from the local Anglophone community, and currently hail from the UK, the United States, Canada, and Australia. They donate their time and skills voluntarily.

Marina CARLIER, President

Marina has been APARC’s president since 2017. She is a native of Chantilly area, who worked for over 15 years in the United States, England and Japan.
Trained as an engineer, she has held posts with multi-nationals, family businesses and startups. Marina has 3 bilingual children born and raised in the UK and the USA.
Hilary BETAILLE, Treasurer

Having first joined the APARC committee in 2008, Hilary is a bilingual marketing and administrative professional with the world’s largest private development foundation. With roots in the United States, she attended university in Paris. Currently our treasurer, Hilary is also a past-president of APARC.
Guy PRENDERGAST, Secretary

A member of the committee since 2018, and our secretary, Guy has 3 bilingual children who started school in Asia and the United States. He works internationally for a German manufacturing firm, and is originally from Australia.

Committee Members

Angélique ALLAIN
Tiffany CAWOOD
Marine PARIS