English Classes

Kindergarten, Primary and Collège levels.

Our pupils prepare for the IGCSE English language and literature exams and Lycée International section entrance tests.

Kindergarten and Primary Classes

2.5 hours a week of English classes by English teachers following the UK school curriculum. From age 4 to age 11 on Wednesdays.

Classes at the Collège des Bourgognes

4 hours a week of English lessons integrated into the French collège timetable. Students start the IGCSE  English language and literature programme and are prepared for the Lycée Jean Rostand’s International section entrance test.

Wednesday Afternoon Collège Classes

2,5 hours a week of English lessons comprising 1 hour of English language and 1 hour of English literature. The lessons take place on Wednesday afternoon for children not attending the Collège des Bourgognes.