Kindergarten and Primary Classes

APARC English Classes

Pre-school and primary classes for bilingual children currently take place on Wednesday mornings at the Ecole Paul Cézanne in Chantilly from 9.30 am to 12 noon.

Requirements to join Classes:

  • The family must be a member of APARC.
  • Pupils are expected to be good enough in English to participate actively at the appropriate class level in all areas of the curriculum. In order for their proficiency to be maintained, it is essential that English be spoken at home on a regular basis.
  • Children entering the APARC structure in Kindergarten or CP will be assessed, within the classroom situation, by attending for one month, the dates having been previously arranged by the Head teacher.
  • New pupils, planning to enter the Primary classes in CE1 and CE2 are assessed during the course of a class in reading, writing and oral work. In CM1 or CM2, a more formal test is sat, and their oral level is assessed through an informal discussion between the teacher and pupil.

Class Content

Pre-School classes offer pre-reading activities, which include nursery rhymes, stories, songs, practical activities and role-play.

Primary classes introduce reading, writing and self-expression in English. In CE1, the main focus is on teaching the children to read, the formation of basic sentences, spelling and the development of vocabulary through discussion work. In CE2, the focus turns towards writing: sentences are developed and the children get to express themselves through creative writing activities. In CM1, the pupils are encouraged to structure their work through the introduction of paragraphs and their understanding of what they read is developed through reading comprehension activities. Finally, in CM2, all aspects of the curriculum are consolidated as the children prepare for the move to Collège.


All teachers give homework of some form or another. This ranges from relatively simple activities such as learning key words in CP to much more complex pieces of writing (stories and poems) in CM1/CM2. From CP onwards parents are encouraged to her their children read on a regular basis, either using books from home or from books borrowed from the school library.

Primary Library

APARC has a fantastic range of library books! For structured reading, we use the Oxford Reading Tree series that ranges from pre-reading picture books right through to level 10+ reading books that children should be reading in CM2. Alongside this we have our “free-reading” section, which contains a range of fiction, factual and poetry books that have been graded by our library staff to tie in with the different levels of the reading scheme. Children from CP upwards are able to visit the library every week to change their books and to read aloud. Kindergarten children have their own set of books within their classroom that they may choose from on a regular basis. APARC employs a full-time librarian to ensure the smooth running of the library, but we also rely on parent volunteers to ensure that children are heard to read on a regular basis. If you would like to volunteer, then please contact

Primary Class Location

APARC Primary classes are currently held at the Ecole Paul Cézanne 1 Avenue du Bouteiller in Chantilly.

Kindergarten and Primary Fees