At APARC it’s not only about learning to read and write in English.

When we were first set up as an association in 1982 by a small group of parents, one of their guiding principles was also to create a network and community for native English-speaking families in the Chantilly area to provide opportunities for the children to socialise and have fun while speaking English.

Flash forward 36 years and that principle remains strong at APARC. Our recent “Fun Day” brought together APARC pupils and their families for a sunny Sunday afternoon of light-hearted sports and games, such as three-legged races, hopscotch, a tug-of-war and the slightly lesser known potato-and-spoon race. The highlight was seeing the children all playing, taking part and enjoying being together as a group, regardless of their ages, and in English.

APARC holds a range of extra curricular activities. In recent months, our pupils have participated in Shakespeare workshops, been on a trip to Britain to see the site of the Battle of Hastings of 1066, watched the Disney film Coco and still have St George’s Day, Den Day and other events to look forward to!


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