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Come and meet us!

At the Forum des Associations, on Saturday 9th September, either in Chantilly from 10am to 4 pm or in Lamorlaye from 2pm to 6pm, we look forward to meeting you!

100% pass rate

Congratulations to the International Section students at the Lycée Jean Rostand who all passed the IGCSE English Language and English Literature exams. 100% pass rate ! Well done.

Celebrating 35 years of APARC

To mark the special anniversary and celebrate everything that APARC has helped English-speaking children in the Chantilly area achieve over the past 35 years, the school took to the stage in May for an afternoon of theatre and performances in English. They ranged from...

Den Day at APARC

APARC pupils jumped at the chance to get creative with old cardboard boxes, sheets and string for Den Day 2017. The initiative by Save the Children saw our school join children across the UK in building dens of all shapes and sizes to learn about the importance of...

Registration Open for Collège September 2017

Registration is now open for all collège classes from 6ème to 3ème. 4 hours a week of English Language, English Literature and Social Sciences in English integrated in to the French collège timetable. Please contact for more details.  

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